Styles evolve, technologies advance, creativity propels.

We believe in the seamless integration of architecture and interiors, offering an entire gamut of Residential and Commercial design services. We come on board at the ideation and pre construction stage, taking the journey with each client through every minute specific, that gives all our projects an atmosphere. Candid communication and design thinking have complemented our work, resulting in extraordinary experiences across the board.

The nature of all of our projects take root in the collaborative relationships with each client.


Meet the Phylosophers

Vasundhara Sampath and Nikita Sahney are an eclectic symbiosis of spontaneity and methodology. Vasundhara’s creative vocabulary and keen eye for aesthetics is seamlessly complemented by Nikita’s management and organisational skills.

Their work is contemporary and has global references infused into it to produce a timeless yet timely scenario. Their mutual love for travel balances their quirky duality, and is how they feed their soul and sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from various cultures, colours and tastes, each of Phylosophy’s projects represents a diversity of design, textures and colours to craft spaces that are uniquely you.

Does our Phylosophy match? Let's !

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